GFRIEND Yuju’s Older Sister Speaks Up On Social Media With Cryptic Post About “A New Beginning”

She spoke about a new start.

Following previous news about GFRIEND‘s departure from Source Music, the girls have been keeping their silence about the matter. Member Yuju‘s older sister took to her personal Instagram to post well wishes for the girls.

| Yuju’s sister via theqoo

From the first stage which was so beautiful that it made me burst into tears, you guys have taken care of each other and grown from little kids to ladies, giving it your best until today.

Thanks to GFRIEND of the past 7 years, as well as our Yuna (Yuju’s real name), I was really very proud and happy~

A regretful ending is also a different, new start. I hope it will be a joyful first step. Let’s fly even higher now, no, let’s fly even more happily!

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

I’m so proud of every single one of you and I hope you fly higher, and even happier than you could ever imagine.

— Yuju’s sister

Although there has been no mention of disbanding so far, Korean netizens and fans alike are not optimistic given the cryptic post. The members of GFRIEND have not yet spoken about the matter, following the announcement of their departure.

Source: theqoo