GFRIEND’s Yuju Visits The Site Of One Of Her Earliest Performances, And Her Reaction Is Too Precious

She relived one of her first performances!

GFRIEND‘s Yuju recently visited her hometown, and she made a visit to the place where she once competed in a singing competition!

GFRIEND’s Yuju | @yuuzth/Instagram

In her very first Yuju Log video, Yuju returned to her hometown of Ilsan. While there, she took a 2-hour voice lesson with the vocal coach she learned from when she first began to study singing.

| YUJU/YouTube

After her vocal lesson, Yuju reminisced on her childhood in Ilsan. She told Buddies that she used to take the subway from Juyeop Station to Seoul after school every day when she was a trainee. She said she had fond memories of the subway station and that seeing it made her feel nostalgic.

Yuju then revealed that Buddies had found the stage she performed on during a singing competition when she was younger. She said she had only mentioned the competition in passing, but the fans were able to find it!

The stage was located at Lafesta, a shopping mall in Ilsan.

Yuju decided to head to Lafesta to stand on the stage once again for a moment.

She quickly found the stage when she made it to the mall, and she was very excited to see it! She pointed the stage out to her manager and explained that she had once sung on it during a competition while she was in middle school or high school.

Yuju made her way up to the stage and showed fans what she saw from her perspective on the stage.

Adorably, Yuju was nervous to stand on the stage even though she’s a world-class idol! Her memories of the competition came back to her, and she recalled how nervous she was back then.

Yuju’s shy side came out once again when she noticed people were looking at her because she was standing on the stage. She quickly walked down from the stage and explored the rest of the mall.

Check out Yuju’s full vlog below.