GFRIEND’s Company Released Sexualized “Body Pillows” Of Them, And Fans Are Pissed

What did they THINK would happen?

GFRIEND’s company, Source Music Entertainment, released concert goods for their upcoming first ever concert, and one of the items sparked A LOT of controversy.

Among the many concert goods for sale were giant pillows with each of the members’ likenesses embroidered in them. Though the resemblance to a similar type of pillow, popular in Japanese manga culture, was likely accidental, fans were outraged by what the pillows might be seen as or used for.

Dakimakura (or “love pillows”, usually depict animated characters or pornographic actresses and are associated with the commercialization of sex. Naturally, many of GFRIEND’s fans were concerned and extremely upset as they felt that the item did not represent the group’s pure and cute image and could potentially ruin their image as K-Pop idols.

Fans called for a boycott of Source Music, claiming the company was sexualizing the group members and hurting GFRIEND’s image.

[+ 91, – 9] Source Music can you please come to your senses ㅠㅠ

[+ 83, – 11] I knew this would become an issue…I was so worried today about this during school… Please… It’s not too late yet…Source… Please this is not right at all…

[+ 75, – 10] Source Music please come to your right senses… GFRIEND’s image is being lowered by this… The goods are too expensive and you still haven’t responded to the Season Greetings controversy… If you release a body pillow goods do you think people will be angry or not? Also, concert goods are ridiculously expensive but really though what is this with a pillow goods. I’m not asking for a lot… Please release a statement regarding Season Greetings and lower your prices on the concert goods.

[+ 69, – 4] What were they thinking when they decided to manufacture this?

[+ 39, – 3] Source please ㅋㅋ There’s an article about this and you still decide to release these goods? You guys decide to release this as goods before you even release a statement regarding Season Greetings. I’m sure you guys won’t release a statement regarding the goods just like you haven’t with the Season Greetings. You guys are really ruining yourselves

[+ 36, – 3] Source Music how could you release goods of this nature? Can you please stop destroying your artists’ image and just apologize and stop trying to sell this

[+ 36, – 4] Source, when are you guys going to answer my phone calls? When is your supervisor for the call center available?

Source Music Entertainment took the criticism to heart, however, and removed the items from the list of goods that would be for sale and released an official apology to GFRIEND’s concerned fans.

After the initial backlash from fans regarding the pillow cases, Source Music decided to halt its production and exclude it from sales at the concert.

“The pillow that have been worrying many fans was a merchandise we prepared in order to commemorate the first GFRIEND concert with variety of goods. We however, accept the worries and concerns of many fans and have decided not to produce and sell said product.

We will prepare things with more care and attention to detail in the future. We hope you continue to support us with love and fondness in the future. Thank you.”

– Source Music

After reading Source Music’s official response on GFRIEND’s fancafe, fans were relieved to hear that the pillows will no longer be available for sale.


Source: Sports Economy and Sports DongA