GFRIEND’s SinB Dislocated Her Shoulder During Manila Concert

She was unable to attend the scheduled hi-touch event after.

Buddies are worried for GFRIEND’s SinB as a fancam from their recent Manila concert showed SinB struggling to move her left shoulder.


During “Love Whisper”, SinB could be seen trying not to extend her arm too much while following the choreographer.


By the end of the performance, however, she had completely folded her arm behind her back to force her shoulder to stop moving.


At the end of the choreography, the girls are supposed to extend their arms and hold hands. It seemed the SinB was in so much pain she couldn’t even extend her arm for the ending pose.


It’s not the first time she has dislocated her shoulder on stage as well. SinB has a history of dislocating her shoulder, due to being a dancer from a young age.


G-Friend SinB’s Shoulder Dislocates On Stage During Live Performance


SinB finished the concert but was seen having a difficult time with her shoulder throughout the show.


She was unable to participate in the hi-touch scheduled for after the concert as well.

According to fans, she was suffering from shoulder pain since soundcheck before the concert.


Fans are concerned for her well-being, as GFRIEND still has concerts in Hong Kong and Korea left to follow.

Source: Dispatch