GFriend’s Umji goes on hiatus after sustaining leg injury

GFriend‘s Umji will halt all upcoming schedules in order to heal after sustaining a leg injury.

According to agency Source Music on October 5th, “Umji will momentarily go on hiatus from group activities due to health reasons.” They further explain she has been experiencing pain in her leg, and after visiting the hospital, it was diagnosed that she strained her sartorius muscle in her thigh.

The sartorius is a long strand of muscle across the thigh used most when walking or using one’s knees.

The agency adds, “We will be prioritizing Umji’s health and proceeding according to the doctor’s diagnosis.”

Until Umji heals, GFriend will be active as a 5-member group. The agency apologized to the fans for worrying them and asked for their understanding.

Source: Dispatch