GFriend’s Yerin Does The Sweetest Thing For Her High School Best Friends Red Velvet’s Joy And APink’s Hayoung

Friendship between the 1996-line!

GFriend’s Yerin, Red Velvet’s Joy and APink’s Hayoung have been friends for a long time, which started from their high school days at SOPA.

The three were in the same cohort as they all happen to be 1996-liners!

The trio sent their fandoms into excitement when they were spotted at their graduation sitting together and joking around.

Although they have graduated high school and have led busy lives as students, they have still managed to keep in contact.

Previously, they even met up to do volunteering for a shelter for abandoned animals.

And whenever the trio runs into each other on television or ISAC, they are ecstatic to see each other.

Recently, Hayoung has made her debut as a solo artist with her EP Oh! and title track, “Don’t Make Me Laugh”.

Coincidentally, Joy also made a comeback with Red Velvet with The ReVe Festival: Day 2 with title track “Umpah Umpah”.

In commemoration of her friends’ promotions, Yerin arranged for a food and coffee truck to be sent so that Joy and Hayoung could enjoy some meals while putting in the effort into their promotions.

She also made sure that there was a special message for Joy and Hayoung to raise their spirits up.

Congrats my Young Youngies on debut, and comeback. I love you lots, 96 FOREVER!

Fans found this incredibly heartwarming of Yerin for celebrating her friends.

Furthermore, Yerin still made sure to organise a food truck for her friends, even though she is currently overseas promoting with GFriend on their tour.

Both Joy and Hayoung were so touched by this gesture that they made sure that they called Yerin to express their appreciation.

And it looks like both Joy and Hayoung loved Yerin’s gift, especially with the decorations of the food truck.

And also because the food and coffee tasted great!

Some fans have also poked fun at how Yerin had her face on the food truck, with Joy even referring to Yerin as “cheeky and cute” on her Instagram stories.

With such a sweet gesture for her friends, many fans have been wondering when this close friendship may translate into a collaboration!

Yerin was recently asked on her thoughts of a 96-line collaboration, and Yerin answered that she, Joy and Hayoung all really want to do it.

With all three girls being so talented and close, hopefully a music collaboration can be arranged!