Fourth Generation Idol Accused Of Developing Personal Relationships With Fans

They allegedly called a fan personally.

A fourth-generation idol has been accused of developing personal relationships with fans. A post by a Twitterian went viral with over 6 million views in just a night. They first teased fans by posting a a clip of a recorded phone call, as well as a KakaoTalk messenger screenshot.

All calls are recorded by default on Korean phones.

Today at 11pm! I’ll post about a top-tier male idol who contacts fans personally. A hint is that you really would know him because he’s that famous in the industry, and his group contains the syllable “seu.”

— bbosongeeeee

True to their promise, they revealed the idol’s identity later that day. The account named the idol as GHOST9‘s Lee Shin.

Lee Shin.

As proof, they uploaded a photo of his KakaoTalk profile, which was an unedited version of a selfie uploaded on the group’s official Twitter account. The selfie on the group account was edited to make his skin smoother.

Left: the original photo. Right: The edited photo. | @bbosongeeeee/Twitter

They also showed his KakaoTalk profile page. It was shown with his birth name, Kim Soo Hyun.

| @bbosongeeeee/Twitter

An alleged screenshot of a call log with Lee Shin was also uploaded.

| @bbosongeeeee/Twitter

In the voice recordings, a man can be heard talking about feeling nervous about his relationship with the fan. The recording has been edited to omit the fan’s voice, and is pieced together as one side of their conversation.

That’s cute. I’m also nervous about everything we’ve done so far. Hold on, I’m in the dorm. Because I can’t make things obvious. That’s interesting, we feel the same. That’s right, it’s right that I can’t be doing this now. Rather than being sad, it’s more like when you hope for things, I can’t do it. So I feel sad about that. I’ll call you. Bye.

— Recording of allegedly Lee Shin

In another recording, he can be heard conversing with the fan about his photos being taken after fansigns. She also asks him to convey a message to another member, which he agrees to.

GHOST9’s management has yet to speak up about the allegations.