Ghosting Accusations Against A Dating Show Contestant Lead To A Bizarre Turn Of Events – Here’s The Full Story

A fan made the accusations.

On March 8, YouTuber Goo Je Yeok (@user-guje), who is known for exposing scam artists, revealed that dating show Return Singles 3 contestant Cho Ye Young had borrowed ₩4.00 million KRW (about $3,040 USD) from a fan before allegedly ghosting him.

Cho Ye Young | @c_yeyoung420/Instagram

According to the YouTuber, a fan had DMed the contestant and was surprised that she contacted him back. The fan then alleged that they then met up a couple of times to eat before the contestant asked him if she could borrow money.

Message from Cho Ye Young to fan | @user-guje/YouTube
  • “It’s um… I know this is wrong for me to ask after meeting just twice, but there is something that needs to clear my bank account, but I canceled my cards after losing my wallet, so I can’t transfer money. Sorry… If it is alright, do you think you can lend me ₩4.00 million KRW (about $3,040 USD)? I know it is a large amount. I will pay you back in two weeks. I am sorry.”
  • “Sure~. Let me know your account information.”

After sending her the money, however, the fan felt something was off due to the fact that you don’t need your cards or wallet to transfer money. Because of this, the fan asked the contestant to pay him back by February 28 but was allegedly blocked. The fan alleges that it wasn’t until he contacted the YouTuber and changed his profile to a picture of the Youtuber that the dating contestant contacted him back and returned his money without any words of thanks.

The YouTuber then uploaded an actual call with Cho Ye Young. During the call, Cho Ye Young first claimed she didn’t block the fan before admitting to blocking the fan on Instagram because he scared her. According to the dating show contestant, she blocked the fan because she felt he misunderstood their relationship and had, on several occasions, acted in a manner that scared her. Cho Ye Young, however, insisted that she didn’t block him on the messaging app and that she merely didn’t respond to him. The dating show contestant also stated that she had always planned to pay him back.

Call with Cho Ye Young | @user-guje/YouTube

The contestant can also be heard asking the YouTuber to take down his post about her, which the YouTuber refuses. The YouTuber then alleges that not long after the call, Cho Ye Young reached back out to him and asked that he didn’t expose her to her fellow dating show contestants.

Text message from Cho Ye Young | @user-guje/YouTube

“I apologize… But can I ask you for a favor?… This is Cho Ye Young. Da Bin (fellow contestant) is upset because people think that (the dating show contestant) is her… I’ve already told her that it wasn’t me, so can you not say that it was me? I’m sorry.

— Cho Ye Young

The YouTuber then tells the audience that he had to reveal it was her in order to protect the other contestants on the show from false allegations.

Cho Ye Young first gained fame through the viral dating show Return Singles 3. The dating show, which features divorcees who are looking for love, was originally lauded for its sincerity. Although the first two seasons were beloved, contestants on the show’s third season have run into controversies. Previously, another contestant on the season was alleged to have caused her divorce by cheating.

Poster for Return Singles 3 | tving

You can watch the full YouTube clip in the link below.

Source: wikitree and @user-guje/YouTube
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