(G)I-DLE Has Achieved Their First Realtime All-Kill With “Tomboy”

Congratulations, ladies!

As of 10PM KST on March 19, (G)I-DLE has achieved their first Realtime All-Kill with their latest comeback, “Tomboy”!

A Realtime All-Kill (RAK) is achieved when a song reaches #1 on all Realtime music charts: Bugs, Genie, MelOn, and FLO. The last chart for “Tomboy” to reach #1 on was MelOn, which landed (G)I-DLE their first RAK!

This also makes (G)I-DLE the first K-Pop group to get an RAK in 2022, as well as the first non-Big Three fourth generation group to accomplish this at all.

While this isn’t the same as a Perfect All-Kill (PAK) — when a song reaches #1 on all of these charts simultaneously — it’s still a huge accomplishment for (G)I-DLE that’s worth celebrating!

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Fans are elated for the talented girl group, who some people were worried about after their year-long hiatus and the departure of Soojin from the group.

Congratulations to (G)I-DLE on this well-deserved achievement!


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