(G)I-DLE’s Concept Photos For “I Feel” Are Out, And Fans Are Obsessed

“They always showcase each member’s image and personality so well through their concept photos…”

As the date for (G)I-DLE‘s highly anticipated comeback with the album I Feel approaches, the group has started releasing some interesting teasers that has fans’ excitement growing! Earlier today, they released a concept teaser video narrated by Yuqi that introduces the characters that each member seems to be playing this era.

The title track for the album has been revealed to be “Queen Card”, and as expected, Soyeon produced the song herself! She has shared that it has a vibe of both “Uh-Oh” and “TOMBOY”, and based on what teasers have been released so far, the group seems to be going for the popular Y2K trend for the concept.

| Cube Entertainment

Along with the above group teaser image, individual teasers of each of the members were released earlier today too!

| Cube Entertainment

They have a more monochromatic theme that the bright bubblegum pink aesthetic of the group teaser, which makes for an interesting dichotomy between the two.

| Cube Entertainment

Despite the individual teasers all having a similar theme, though, each of the members’ own personalities still shine through!

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Given how strong (G)I-DLE’s concepts usually are, it will be exciting to see what kind of concept they end up going with for the “Queen Card” music video.

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Each of the members look gorgeous in these first teasers, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us for the next couple of weeks!

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The teaser images were shared on an online forum, where netizens had a lot of praise and excitement to share in the comments.

Make sure not to miss when I Feel comes out on May 15!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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