(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Hilariously Calls Out Besties GOT7’s BamBam And Youngjae For Not Attending (G)I-DLE’s Concert After She Invited Them

“I’m disappointed and sulky,” — Minnie

(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie made an appearance on GOT7 Youngjae‘s radio show, Best Friend, and the two of them showed off their great chemistry as they caught up and bickered with each other.

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie and GOT7’s Youngjae | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

After starring together in the sitcom, So Not Worth It, and seeing as they have BamBam as a friend in common, Minnie and Youngjae have proven to be good friends.

Minnie and GOT7’s BamBam | @min.nicha/Instagram

In fact, BamBam’s teasing of Youngjae and Minnie’s ‘kiss scene’ remains one of fans’ favorite interactions between the idols.

Speaking on Best Friend, Minnie revealed that she had personally invited BamBam and Youngjae to attend (G)I-DLE’s concert in Seoul as the group kicked off their world tour in June 2022.

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The two GOT7 members, however, were not able to go, and Minnie made sure to call them out on itbut not before she and Youngjae had several adorable exchanges, including one of which left Youngjae minorly flustered.

They reminisced a bit about their time as costars on So Not Worth It

And when Youngjae mentioned how Minnie’s new black hair makes her look much different than what she looked like as a blonde, Minnie had the absolute best comeback, saying “Just say that I look prettier!”

The comment had fans gushing over how cute these two besties are…

While some eagle-eyed fans pointed out that Youngjae could actually be seen getting a little red under his mask as he agreed that Minnie was prettier.

Of course, they also discussed (G)I-DLE’s recent concert in Seoul, and Youngjae was forced to make his excuses for having failed to attend it. Youngjae pointed out that they have BamBam as a friend in common, and when he asked if Minnie had contacted him lately, she replied that she had been disappointed when neither of them came to see her at her concert.

Youngjae explained that the reason why he couldn’t go is that it had conflicted with his scheduled appearance as an MC for Jay B‘s fancon. BamBam, on the other hand, was unable to go because he wasn’t in Korea at the time.

Youngjae apologized profusely, and though Minnie assured him it was okay, she also hilariously made sure to show how sulky she was about it.

In fact, in a message to BamBam, she explicitly told him she was sulky about it!

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Youngjae and BamBam won’t want to miss the next (G)I-DLE concert now, especially since this last one was particularly meaningful for Minnie—it being the first time she performed in front of fans in a long time.

Minnie and Youngjae proved to have such easy chemistry that when their time was up, Minnie was genuinely disappointed, asking, “Already?” Youngjae wondered if she would be willing to return to Best Friend with her members, and Minnie happily requested that they be invited.

Of course, Minnie couldn’t leave without finally making Youngjae do the “TOMBOY” challenge, which he hadn’t yet done, even though BamBam had (adding his own twerking twist to the choreography).

Youngjae had some struggles…

…but at least he finally did it!

This reunion was exactly what fans wanted, as it proved how great Minnie and Youngjae get along and how fun their friendship is to watch.

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Hopefully, we’ll see more of them in the future, especially along with BamBam!

You can watch the full episode on the link below.

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