(G)I-DLE’s Minnie And Soojin Open Up About Their Friendship And Differences

They have one strong friendship!

(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and Soojin showed of their strong friendship proudly in this photoshoot!

In a recent photoshoot and interview with Marie Claire, Minnie and Soon opened up about various topics, including their stories prior to debuting, Queendom, and much more!


When they arrived at the topic of their personalities and friendship, Minnie spoke up first, saying that because Soojin tends to be quiet around other people, she can come across as cold. But when she’s around someone she knows and trusts, like Minnie, she opens up, and likes to talk and laugh a lot.


Soojin tends to not talk much when there are other people are around, and because of that, she can come across as being a cold person.

But when she’s with me, she starts talking a lot and jokes a lot. She becomes cuter.



Soojin, in turn, said that while her personality change can be considered to be drastic, Minnie has no perceptible change in her personality, no matter who she’s around. Minnie refuted this, saying she gets cuter around Soojin!

Minnie doesn’t really change much no matter who she’s with. She always sports a bright personality and always acts cute.




As a shared activity, the two shared that they liked to go shopping together. Soojin further revealed that walking is another activity they enjoy together, and when they go abroad, she, Minnie and Shuhua always get up early to go eat breakfast together,

I really enjoy going for walks, and sometimes I bring Minnie along with me.

Minnie, Shuhua, and I always eat breakfast. Whenever we go abroad, we wake up early and go get breakfast together.”




The talk then turned to their tastes in music, which is another thing that Minnie and Soojin have in common! Minnie talked about how Soojin’s taste in music is great, and also mentioned her uncanny ability to find hidden, less popular, but amazing songs. She also credits Soojin for her newfound love for Billie Eilish, and described their shared taste in music as one that’s calm, quiet and slightly dark.


 Soojin listens to music a lot, but she’s especially good at finding hidden songs rather than only listening to the top hits. When I listen to the music that she recommends to me, I always like everything.

We both really love Billie Eilish. During our trainee days, Soojin was the one who said that she liked the song “Idontwannabeyouanymore” and that’s how I came to know about the artist. We both like music that is quiet with a dark vibe.




They then discussed their own music, and proudly stated how even though they all have different taste in music, they’re a unified front in terms of their group’s musical vibe. Soojin also expressed fondness for leader Soyeon, who writes and produces most of their music, for always thinking of them and composing music that has the distinct colors of all of them.

All six of us have differing music tases. Minnie likes emotional music, Yuqi likes music like powerful hip-hop with a strong beat, Miyeon likes groovy music, Shuhua enjoys ballads, and I like medium tempo songs. Soyeon has very diverse and far-ranging tastes.

But interestingly, we all agree when it comes to (G)I-DLE’s musical vibe. When Soyeon writes music, she thinks of each of one of us, so we can’t help but like it.



The full interview will be out in in the January 2020 issue of Marie Claire.

(G)I-DLE gained lots of love and positive attention with their recent appearance on Queendom, where they also released the well-received single “Lion”.

Watch the MV below!