(G)I-DLE’s Minnie And Yuqi Talk About Composing Songs On Their Latest Album, “I Burn”

They discuss the songs they wrote!

(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and Yuqi gave details about their newly released songs from their latest album, I Burn!

(G)I-DLE recently guested on YouTube channel HANBAM, where they talked about their latest comeback with “HWAA”!

As they talked about their album, Minnie and Yuqi were asked about the songs they wrote! Yuqi wrote the song “Lost”, and Minnie has songwriting credits for “Moon” and “Dahlia”!

Yuqi revealed that her song “Lost” had actually been written a year ago, but had been rejected before because it didn’t match their earlier concept!

Actually, it’s been a while I composed this song. It’s been half a year now. Since Soyeon composes the title songs, she composes the songs according to our schedule. But I write songs whenever. Luckily, the song I’d written, “Lost”, matched well with this album’s concept. It’s a song for winter. So yes, I was lucky.


Miyeon then chimed in, praising Yuqi’s songs for their addictive qualities!

Yuqi’s songs are always very addictive. You’ll be reminded of it even if you only listen to it once.


Minnie spoke about her songs next, revealing that she wrote two songs on the album; “Moon” and “Dahlia”!

I helped composing the song “Moon” and “Dahlia”.


She also sang a small snippet of it as well!

With 3 out of 6 members having songwriting credits, (G)I-DLE’s really taking over the music scene, creatively!

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(G)I-DLE made their comeback with I Burn, and title track “HWAA”.

Watch them talk about their songs here, 3:32 mark onwards!