(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Had The Cutest Suprise For Soyeon After Her “M Countdown” Win

Maybe the trophy should have been for the “Best Friendship Ever” instead!

On the July 29, (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon received the second win for “BEAM BEAM”, the title track of her first solo album Windy. While placing first on “M Countdown” is quite the accomplishment on its own, the fact that she won during this specific episode was all the more special for the idol, as she got to share the stage with Miyeon!

Miyeon, the main vocalist of (G)I-DLE, took over as one of the MCs for “M Countdown” alongside actor Nam Yoon Su this past February. Because Soyeon’s album promotions aligned with her hosting schedule, fans were crossing their fingers that Miyeon would end up presenting her best friend with a trophy at some point!

MCs Miyeon and Yoon Su | M Countdown

Unfortunately, the Olympics took place during the show’s time slot last week, so there was no winner crowned for July 22. This meant that Soyeon’s last chance at victory with Miyeon by her side was the July 29 episode.

Luckily for them, it was meant to be. Soyeon took a commanding lead over her competitors and finished in first place! Miyeon excitedly handed her the award and squished her with a big hug.

Then, while Soyeon gave her winning speech and the rest of the performers exited the stage, she ran over to Miyeon and asked her to stay so that they could dance together!

Later that night, the two girls celebrated by having a live stream with their fans. Not only did the two enjoy some delicious meat…

But Miyeon also had another yummy surprise in store. After saying that she had to go to the bathroom, Miyeon left the stream for a little while and returned with a giant cake! Soyeon was overjoyed, and the two laughed together before they each made a special wish.

What do you think of their adorable friendship?