(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Is Praised After Former Schoolmate Thanks Her For Standing Up To The School Bully

“You might not remember me…”

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon recently went viral after her former schoolmate revealed that the idol had stood up to their bullies.

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On June 10, Miyeon’s Middle School schoolmate revealed that they were once severely bullied and that one of their bullied had taken their new jacket.

I am Miyeon’s schoolmate and was in the class next to hers. At the time, I was getting bullied severely, and one of my bullies asked to borrow my new windbreaker jacket and didn’t return it to me for three days.

— Miyeon’s schoolmate

The idol’s schoolmate then revealed that after their parents inquired about the jacket, they mustered up the courage to ask the bully to return their jacket.

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According to the schoolmate, Miyeon, who was walking by when she heard the schoolmate asking their bully to return the jacket. Upon hearing this, Miyeon then stood up to the bully and demanded that they return the jacket that instant.

My parents didn’t know that my jacket was taken and kept asking why I wasn’t wearing it when I had just bought it. I couldn’t tell them that I had it stolen so I mustered up the courage to ask for my jacket back the next day.

Miyeon, who was walking by, heard this, and she told the bully that if they borrowed my jacket, they should return it and told them to hurry up and return it right then.

— Miyeon’s schoolmate

The schoolmate then stated that, thanks to Miyeon, the bully returned their jacket. The schoolmate further revealed that despite that incident occurring 12 years ago, they still remembered it as if it was yesterday and thanked the idol again while wishing her the best.

I was then able to get my jacket back. That was 12 years ago, but even now, I still remember that incident vividly. You might not remember me or that incident, but I was really thankful. I couldn’t even tell you how thankful I was. Miyeon, I’ll always support you!!!

— Miyeon’s schoolmate

When a few netizens claimed that the schoolmate was making up the incident, the schoolmate proved she wasn’t by revealing specific details that only a student at the school would know.

Miyeon pre-debut picture | wikitree

I went to Majeon Middle School, and Miyeon’s classroom was on the right side of the staircase on the second floor in the left building, and my classroom was the middle classroom right next to hers. I was in either classroom 4 or classroom 8.

At the time, Miyeon was a YG Entertainment trainee and other students were in awe of her, so the (bullies) didn’t do anything to me out of revenge. I remember her as a quiet student who only hung out with one or two close friends. And because I was in the next classroom, I don’t know the exact details of her friend circle (back then). But I know that she didn’t hang out with a bad crowd and that she kept a low profile at school.

— Miyeon’s schoolmate

Miyeon’s schoolmate also posted a yearbook picture of the idol.

Netizens reportedly praised the idol for standing up to a bully stating, “I really like Miyeon,” “She’s so cool,” “Helping a friend isn’t easy,” and “Miyeon went to Majeon Middle School? She’s my sunbae.”

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Fans are surely happy to know that Miyeon really is a beautiful person, both inside and out!

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