(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Explains Why She Included Yuqi’s Self-Composed Song On Her Debut Album

Their friendship is so precious!

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon recently made her solo debut, and spoke fondly of Yuqi and how thankful she was for her support!

Yuqi and Miyeon | CUBE Entertainment

Miyeon recently released her first solo album titled MY with the title track “Drive”, and held an online showcase to promote her debut as a soloist!

Miyeon | CUBE Entertainment

While talking about the songs on her album, Miyeon specially mentioned “Drizzle”, saying it was extremely close to her heart. Composed by fellow member Yuqi, with lyrics written by Miyeon, she commented on how she loves all the songs her members write, and wanted to include a song by them in her new album!

Since some of the bandmates pen their own songs, I thought it would be nice to add songs made by them, and that’s how I ended up teaming up with Yuqi. She initially gave me many options, but I settled on this song because I thought it could create synergy between her music and my voice.


Miyeon and Yuqi | @noodle.zip/Instagram

As the third (G)I-DLE member to make her solo debut, she praised Soyeon and Yuqi for setting a great example for her, and commented on how she worked hard to follow suit as well!

Since Soyeon and Yuqi made a splash with their solo releases, I also strived to lift the quality of my EP. But tackling a new challenge gave me more excitement than pressure.


| CUBE Entertainment

We love their close friendship!

Check out Miyeon’s solo debut song “Drive” here!

Source: The Korea Times and The Korea Herald