(G)I-DLE Opens up About “Queendom” Experience, And The True Meaning Of Freedom

Their visuals and talents are no joke!

(G)I-DLE didn’t come to play in this shoot!

The group recently participated in an interview and pictorial for GQ Korea, where they got honest about their experience on Queendom, and what it means to truly be free.

Leader Soyeon first opened up about her fondness for her nickname “Monster Created By Survival Shows”. The nickname was spawned following Soyeon’s many appearances on survival shows, such as Unpretty Rapstar, Produce 101 and most recently, Queendom.

I like that nickname, because I like competition. When I have a goal, my motivation to do well comes from how I want to be the best at what I’m doing.



She then opened up about their experience on Queendom, and how their strategy on the show was to showcase all of the members’ different talents and charms.


For Queendom, the point was to put the spotlight on different members’ abilities and talents for each performance, so that each of the members could shine.

We wanted to show, “This is what are members can do”.




Miyeon spoke about how she’s excited for the future, and has full confidence in (G)I-DLE, while Shuhua proudly emphasized on the group’s unique color, and how they created that color together as a team.

For me, freedom is being able to have your own unique world.




(G)I-DLE’s latest appearance in Queendom drew heads and praises for their immense talent and charm, and through their release “Lion”, they’ve further cemented themselves as a top group!

Watch the MV for “Lion” here!