(G)I-DLE Reveals What They Find To Be Each Others’ “Superpowers”, And It Will Warm Your Heart

The friendship they share with each other is so heartwarming!

(G)I-DLE recently revealed how much they cherish each other by opening up about what they think is the others’ special powers!

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(G)I-DLE recently sat down for an interview with Teen Vogue, where they discussed tons of topics, from their genre of music to their personal lives!

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As part of the interview, the group was asked to pick a member, and name their “superpowers”!


Oldest member Miyeon went first, and she picked Soojin! Talking about Soojin’s usually reserved nature, she opened up about how amazing she thinks that side of her is!

Soojin’s secret power is the power of silence. She listens carefully and quietly and says one word in response that has a big impact on me.



Soojin spoke up next, and picked maknae Shuhua! Naming her personality as her superpower, Soojin explained how insightful Shuhua is as a person!

Shuhua’s secret power is her personality. She has very clear and solid ideas and values in her life. Sometimes I read something Shuhua has written and it makes me think twice about things.



Shuhua went after Soojin, and picked Yuqi for her bright, bubbly energy that can turn serious when the situation calls for it!

Yuqi is bright and energetic and silly in her daily life, but when she’s doing her job— performing or writing her songs— she’s very serious about it, and I respect that a lot.



Yuqi then picked Minnie, and talked about how much she cherishes her, because she was her first friend and roommate in Korea!

Minnie is the first one I met when I came to Korea. She was my first roommate. And I know her path of growing up. She performs like an artist on the stage but, behind the stage, she’s really like my little sister. She is really cute.

She is responsible and a good sister for all of us. She is really good at looking after others. Also, I didn’t want to say this but…she’s sweet.



Minnie chose to talk about leader Soyeon, and revealed how thankful she is to have such a strong and amazing leader!

I will talk about Soyeon. Many people know Soyeon as our leader and that she is charismatic and everything. But actually, we all know it’s tough to lead all of us and be responsible for everything for (G)I-DLE. It’s heavy, an overwhelming job. But she never shows it in front of us. She never says ‘I’m tired’ or anything.

We don’t really say this but we always think it: we are so happy to have her as our leader.



Soyeon spoke about Miyeon, and wrapped up the segment of the interview by praising her for being a warm and beautiful person!

Miyeon is a very friendly person and she’s also the one who compliments us the most. When she’s around others or in an interview, she praises us so we can feel confident, and calls us beautiful. She takes care of us a lot. She sees the best in us and shares that with other people.


Here’s to (G)I-DLE’s lovely friendship and camaraderie!

(G)I-DLE recently made their comeback with the album I Burn, and title track “HWAA”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Teen Vogue