(G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Recent Appearance At The Airport Is Cracking Fans Up

She’s so cute!

(G)I-DLE‘s maknae Shuhua has fans cracking up with her latest appearance at the airport!

On March 25, Shuhua was seen at Incheon International Airport, heading off for a well-deserved vacation to see her family back in Taipei, Taiwan!

When the press photos of Shuhua were released, fans took in Shuhua’s attire that was made complete with 2 masks, plastic goggles, and three hair ties wound around her wrists, and thought it to be a classic “Shuhua look”!

Since Shuhua’s such a visual queen, she can get away with anything, and she’s showing everyone how to travel safe!

Source: Nate Pann