Netizens Discuss (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua’s Incredible Stage Presence In Individual Fancams For “Nxde”

This is definitely Shuhua’s era!

(G)I-DLE has been busy promoting their latest hit, “Nxde”, which has been getting high praise from fans and netizens alike.

The mature burlesque concept fits all of the members incredibly well with their blonde hair and bold outfits, and the stages they’ve been performing are legendary!

The group’s maknaeShuhua, has been getting particularly praised for how perfectly she suits this comeback. Many fans are calling it her era, and when you watch her perform, it’s easy to see why!

In fact, fans are loving her individual fancams so much that an entire post on an online forum was dedicated to them, most notably the fancam linked above.

Titled “Shuhua’s blonde hair fancam is legendary”, the post includes a couple of gifs from the performance that perfectly showcase the elegant and mature aura that Shuhua is radiating in it.

The author also commented in the post, “Shuhua’s dance lines seriously fit “Nxde” the most… She’s just pretty and charming. She seriously can make people go crazy”.

Comments from Korean netizens on the post are heavily in agreement with the original author’s sentiments!

  • “She’s pretty but that aside, her dance line and expressions in the highlight parts are too good”
  • “I understand why Shuhua has more parts this time after seeing their stage. Her expressions and dancing were the best in the highlight parts”
  • “Please watch their radio live. Our Shuhua improved her live a lot too! This promotion has been the best for Yeh Shuhuaㅠㅠ”
  • “I think that Nxde was made for Shuhua… her charms are exploding”
  • “She uploaded a lot of dance videos on her Insta during their hiatus and I realized since then that she really put more meanings to her dance movements. Since Tomboy, you can see that her dancing had more strength. She practiced a lot so she developed pretty dance lines tooㅠㅠ”

International fans are also loving just how confident and gorgeous Shuhua has been during promotions for “Nxde”!

  • “AGREED!!! She looks so good in this fancam and this sort of choreo suits her dance style the most. Also all the girls outfits are fabulous definitely check it out. I also want to thank lil miss Soyeon and all the higher powers in the world for convincing Shuhua to dye her hair blonde.”
  • “They really put that tomboy money into this comeback, everything is so gorgeous I’m watching all their stages”
  • “I’m happy for her you can see how confident she has become the last month. I think the tour helped her very much”
  • “as a casual listener i never paid shuhua much mind, but this comeback it’s impossible not to notice her and she suits the concept like a glove. her voice is also so charming in this song it is really her moment to shine!”
  • “Shuhua being an icon of improvement!!! her dancing, singing, and stage presence have all improved LEAPS and bounds. she is soooo good.”

It’s wonderful to see (G)I-DLE’s maknae getting so much praise and adoration, because it’s incredibly well-deserved!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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