(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Reveals All The Presents She Got From Her Fellow Members

She named all of her special presents!

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua revealed all that she received as presents from her fellow members!

(G)I-DLE recently guested on YouTube channel HANBAM, where they talked about tons of fun topics!

One of the topics that came about was Shuhua’s birthday! Shuhua celebrated her birthday on January 6, and the host asked her about the presents she received on her special day!

It was Shuhua’s birthday a few days ago. Did you get any special presents?

Shuhua then revealed that she did! Soyeon was the first to give her a gift, and when asked what it was, Shuhua coolly gestured that she was gifted cash!

All of them were really special this year. Soyeon was the first to give me a gift. She gave me this…


Soyeon then explained why she gave Shuhua pocket money instead of a gift!

I asked the members, “What should I give Shuhua for her birthday?” And they said that money is the best present! So I just gave her some pocket money as a gift.


Next up were the main vocal duo of the group, Minnie and Miyeon, who gifted her a bicycle! Next, Yuqi gifted her dog food for her dog, and Soojin sweetly cooked for Shuhua on her birthday!

Minnie and Miyeon gave me a bicycle. Since I have a dog, Yuqi gave me dog food. Soojin cooked me seaweed soup at midnight for my birthday.


Soojin then hilariously revealed that she cooked for Shuhua because she’d been hinting at seaweed soup on her birthday for days already!

We got home at midnight, so I cooked it for her. But Shuhua had been saying she wanted to eat seaweed soup since like 3-4 days before her birthday!


Thanks to her members, Shuhua had a happy birthday, indeed!

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