(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Reveals The Difference With Working On The Group’s Music Vs. Working On Her Solo Songs

“I have strong confidence in my music.”

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon recently participated in a charming pictorial with Marie Claire Korea and also sat down for an accompanying interview, where she discussed her music writing process.

Earlier at the beginning of this month, Soyeon made her long-awaited solo comeback with her first mini-album Windy.

While Soyeon writes songs for herself and the group, Soyeon revealed in her interview that she focuses on different things depending on who’s she’s writing for. Soyeon expressed that while she concentrates more on the concept for (G)I-DLE and puts more of her personal thoughts into her own solo songs.

When I was working on (G)I-DLE’s music, I focused on the concept, but in ‘Windy,’ I focused on my thoughts.

— Soyeon

As for the mini-album’s hit title track “Beam Beam,” Soyeon explained that she wanted to convey her fiery passion.

It contains the meaning of wanting to burn hot at this moment.

— Soyeon

Because of the love she received from her fans, Soyeon shared that she was able to promote with enthusiasm! Soyeon further commented that she has a lot of confidence in her music: “I have strong confidence in my music.” Through music, Soyeon stated that she has been able to live her days happily and finds songs that express her thoughts.