(G)I-DLE’s Group Name Contains Mysteries That Even The Members Don’t Know The Answer To

All of the members still don’t know!

(G)I-DLE debuted over a year ago but their group name still remains a bit of a mystery for the members! Soyeon appeared on Radio Star where she confessed the making of their group name and how some parts of it still is a mystery!


Soyeon revealed that their company came up with the name (G)I-DLE and originally planned to have a “weird” meaning connected to not being bored… which could be a strange mix of “idle” meaning “children” in Korea and in English, “to be idle” meaning to not do anything.

Soyeon was unsatisfied with the meaning and came up with her own, and the group ultimately chose that meaning instead!

To be honest, they initially came up with a weird meaning about never being bored. But I told them that it didn’t sound right, so I came up with a new meaning for our group name.

— Soyeon


Minnie once perfectly summarized how (G)I-DLE stands for “a group of 6 individuals“!


Soyeon also came up with their group logo herself! She was the mastermind of keeping the English letter “I” with the Korean word for “dle” laid down next to it.

And thus, their unique and creative logo was born!


But there is still one mystery that their company created about their name that the members still don’t have the answer to! She confessed that none of the members know why “G” (or “Girl” in the Korean spelling) are in parentheses!

They speculate that perhaps the company was preparing a boy group with a similar name.

We don’t know either… It’s always been a mystery to us too. We wondered if they were preparing a boy group instead.

— Soyeon


No matter what the process or the mystery behind their name may be, Soyeon most definitely saved the group’s meaning and played a key role in creating the power group that they are today!

Source: My Daily