Here’s Why (G)I-DLE Got Rid Of The “G” In Their Name For Their “Tomboy” Comeback

Soyeon explained the lack of the “G” in their name!

(G)I-DLE are currently smashing record after record with their latest album I Never Die and title track “Tomboy”, and as a result of their concept, talked about why the “G” is missing in their name from their current round of promotions!

(G)I-DLE | CUBE Entertainment

The group recently sat down for an interview with Teen Vogue magazine, and talked about their new comeback, love for fans, and more!

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Soyeon soon touched upon the lack of the “G” in their first teaser picture, where it introduced the new album of ( )I-DLE instead.

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The “G” in (G)I-DLE stands for girl, because in Korean, the group’s name is (여자)아이들 (yeoja aideul, which means “girl idol”. Soyeon revealed that for their new comeback this time, they focused on themes of not conforming to genders or their roles, and so, decided to do away with the “G” in their name that signifies the “girl” part of their identity.

What we want to convey is that we don’t attribute our actions to gender or age. Because I’m me is why I am, and why I act the way I do.


Soyeon | CUBE Entertainment

And they got that message out to everybody with their new banger, “Tomboy”! You can listen to the song here!

Source: Teen Vogue


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