(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Was Determined To Break Through All The Limits For “TOMBOY”, Here’s Why

She showed a completely new side of herself in their new comeback!

With their latest comeback song “TOMBOY”, (G)I-DLE have been killing it, breaking records everywhere! Along with a new concept for their comeback this time, the members have also been experimenting with their styles in fashion and vocals, particularly Yuqi!

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(G)I-DLE recently sat down for an interview with Sakshma Srivastav of E Now, and discussed their latest comeback, new concept, and more!


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While discussing “TOMBOY”, the group was asked to name the member who showed the most change and growth during this comeback, and Soyeon named Yuqi as her pick!

In my opinion, it was Yuqi. It was her first time being in charge of the part where she has to express her unique character more than her vocals, and I was surprised because she did such a good job.

I think Yuqi grew and discovered her potential then.


Yuqi gleefully agreed, and explained how she really pushed the limits of her artistry to fit the concept of “TOMBOY” to a T!

Before this comeback, in a lot of ways, I can say that I was not very outgoing or open-minded with my outfits or my styles, because everyone thinks that I was the one in the position of being the “cutie”. So I kept doing something like aegyo, but this time, I wanted to break this.

So, I really practiced a lot for the performance and the stages, and also, I really broke my walls with my outfits this time. I think this was my big challenge in this comeback, and I really appreciate Soyeon because she gave me the most important part in this album with “TOMBOY”. So I really wanted to do a good job.


And Yuqi totally delivered! As soon as her teasers for “TOMBOY” dropped, everybody’s jaws dropped as well!

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You can watch her talk about it here!

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