This Female Rapper Fires Back At Haters Claiming She Ripped Off BLACKPINK

She didn’t hold back when putting haters in their place!

Rapper Giant Pink is well known for her deadly rapping skills and fierce attitude. That’s why she didn’t hold back when putting haters in their place for calling her a rip off of BLACKPINK!


Giant Pink appeared on Reply Night, where she read a malicious comment claiming she copied BLACKPINK‘s name.


She fired back that she actually debuted before BLACKPINK so it was impossible for her to copy their name! She claimed, “I don’t agree! BLACKPINK are my juniors!


Giant Pink first debuted on television by appearing on Show Me The Money 5 on May 2016. BLACKPINK debuted in August 2016.


She explained that there are a lot of musicians with “Pink” in their name. She credits Apink as the beginning (They debuted in 2011), her as the middle and BLACKPINK to follow.

Apink came first, then Giant Pink, then BLACKPINK! That’s the order! I’m just the middle pink!

I’m just a rapper pink who is in between two hit idol groups.

— Giant Pink


Check out the full video below: