(G)I-DLE Share The Biggest Lessons They’ve Learned Since Their Debut

Each member of (G)I-DLE possesses grace and wisdom.

In an interview with GRAMMY(G)I-DLE opened up about learning to love themselves and encouraging their fans through their music to embrace their individuality and celebrate what makes them unique. Every concept (G)I-DLE has done has been unapologetically loud and proud, which is a major reason why so many people love the group.

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Besides talking about their music, the girls also share the most significant lessons they’ve learned since their debut, and their answers prove the wisdom the girls possess and how they’ve matured over the years.

Yuqi went first, and her lesson doubled as an encouragement she wanted to share with the world. It’s a message that resonates strongly with the theme of (G)I-DLE’s latest album, I LOVE, and it’s a lesson Yuqi is reminding herself to uphold every day.

Don’t care about the comments and judgments; you are you, you are doing a good job, so just focus on [that]. If you lose yourself, you lose the world, so be proud of yourself.

— Yuqi

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Soyeon then shared how for her, the most important lesson she learned was not to be swayed by popularity. Instead of treating music as a competition, Soyeon creates music to send a message she believes the world needs to hear, whether it wants to or not.

There’s good popularity and bad popularity, and I shouldn’t be swayed too much by the potential of positive attention. But I also learned that I shouldn’t be too frustrated or pressured by all the negatives that come with it. I realized that attention only lasts for a brief moment.

— Soyeon

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Minnie shared her biggest life lesson next, and it impacted her so much that she wrote a whole song about embracing change. Change is scary, but since it’s inevitable and often opens doors to new and beautiful beginnings, Minnie is doing her best to welcome the ups and downs of life without being shaken.

You can see in the lyrics of [our b-side] “Change,” where I wrote that “our life has ups and downs, it’s alright.” It’s just that simple. You have to learn how to deal with that situation and how to cope with new environments.

— Minnie

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Miyeon, through being part of a group that is constantly breaking stereotypes and bravely challenging all types of music, has overcome her fear of challenges and now loves trying new things. With the constant love and support she’s surrounded with, she’s gained the courage to go beyond her perceived limits, blossoming into a multifaceted artist.

 Before [our] debut, I was afraid of challenges, but after I got to try out new concepts, new hairstyles, new makeup, I really enjoyed trying new things.  Now that I have a lot of fans and people who encourage me, it really motivates me to meet new challenges.

— Miyeon

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Shuhua shared her answer last, and it’s clear that while Shuhua’s always been confident, she’s shining brighter than the sun with this comeback, thanks to her unwavering trust in herself as an artist. She’s clearly improved in both singing and dancing, and when you combine her natural charisma with her hard work and talent, it’s impossible to look away from her when she’s performing.

I learned that I have to believe in myself when I perform on stage. I have to trust myself a lot, because the audience is there, but they are only there to see us and support us, so I need to have faith in what I do and in my performance.

— Shuhua

Picture is for illustrative purposes only. | (G)I-DLE/Melon
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