(G)I-DLE Frequently Quarrel Amongst Themselves, But They Believe It’s Better That Way

They fight like every family does.

On TheKstarNextDoor, the host Jonathan mentioned that he had heard that (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi‘s honesty and straightforwardness caused her to get into many conflicts with Soyeon. While Soyeon was surprised by the comment, Yuqi unhesitatingly agreed.

| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

From Soyeon’s reaction, it’s clear that the arguments are never severe. In fact, they make up quite quickly, so they never hold grudges and always sort out any hard feelings quickly.

But we don’t hold grudges. We resolve it right away. I prefer that.

— Yuqi

Jonathan then asked how Soyeon viewed the situation, and she completely agreed with Yuqi. She appreciates Yuqi’s willingness to confront and be honest about her feelings and opinions, allowing them to communicate and come to a compromise easily.

I like people who share honest opinions, so we often bump into each other. But it’s like fighting your family. That’s how it ends.

— Soyeon

Miyeon jumped into the conversation, confessing that it wasn’t just Yuqi and Soyeon who frequently fought; all the members quarreled often.

It’s inevitable, given that they see each other 24/7. Instead of holding back their feelings and brewing discomfort or grudges, (G)I-DLE likes to get everything out as soon as it happens.

We’re stuck together every day. It’s normal to get complaints. If you don’t fight, it means you’re holding back. But we don’t do that.

— Soyeon

By flushing out all their anger, annoyance, or frustration right away, the girls can clearly understand each other’s viewpoints and work towards a solution. Also, since they’ve talked about it and solved it, there’s no lingering hurt or anger, allowing the girls to maintain a harmonious relationship.

(G)I-DLE treat each other like true family. They’re able to be more honest and upfront with each other since they know that no matter what, they’re all precious and loved by each other.