(G)I-DLE’s Manager Is Allegedly Exposed For “Disgusting” Behavior

Fans are concerned for the members.

A netizen accused a high-ranked manager of (G)I-DLE of inappropriate behavior, causing concern among the fandom for the safety of the members.

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The netizen allegedly received a message from a staff, Staff B, who has worked with (G)I-DLE previously and is the alleged victim of the “disgusting” behavior. Through the photos they obtained, they confirmed the manager in question is a high-ranked manager, Manager A.

The netizen first explained how Manager A and Staff B came in contact.

During the event, Staff B dealt with other staff members more and didn’t really interact with Manager A. They didn’t exchange any contact information.

After a few months, Manager A somehow found Staff B’s Instagram account and sent her a message saying he had some questions. However, he didn’t really send her any questions; it was just an excuse to get in touch. Staff B ignored it. Another few months passed, and Manager A messaged Staff B again, asking for her Kakao Talk account. Since there may be a need to keep in contact for work reasons, Staff B agreed.

– Netizen

Then, they exposed Manager A’s alleged inappropriate behavior.

One night, Staff B received a message from Manager A. Not sure if he was drunk or whatever, but he said Staff B is very cute. He wanted Staff B’s phone number so he could call her before going to bed. He also told Staff B that she could call him if she ran into trouble, and more. He also asked Staff B if she was friends with Girl C, Staff B’s gorgeous friend. It seems like he found Girl C through Staff B’s Instagram account.

In conclusion, considering he even found an ordinary staff member’s contact information and pursued them proactively, Staff B feels that Manager A isn’t a good person and is concerned. She wants everyone to know about this and watch out.

– Netizen

The post went viral on multiple social media platforms, and hundreds of fans reacted to the allegations.

What the heck, you even did this to a staff member…how did Cube Entertainment recruit their staff?

– Fan

Hurry up and make him leave. This is so disgusting, and yet you still let him work by (G)I-DLE’s side?

– Fan

There are many appropriate ways you could protect someone, but this manager is disgusting. He even did this to a staff member. Manager, if you have any self-awareness, please resign. Don’t make me beg. Cube Entertainment, please scrutinize your workers and take this seriously. It’s not safe to have this kind of person near (G)I-DLE. Don’t stay silent and not do anything; that really makes people angry.

– Fan

Cube Entertainment has yet to comment on the matter.


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