This (G)I-dle Member Took the Spotlight in Their New MV, “Senorita”

You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her.

On February 26, Cube Entertainment released (G)I-dle‘s new MV, “Senorita” on Naver TV and their official YouTube account.

All 6 members of (G)I-dle showed off their own colors with their brilliant performance and gorgeous looks. But the member that received overwhelming attention was Soojin.

In the past, Soojin was talked about in online communities as the idol that makes people want to go on a diet. And she certainly did that title justice when she appeared in a red dress that showed off her waistline.

With her unrealistic body as a 164-centimeter tall girl who only weighs 43 kilograms, Soojin showed off her flawless body in the new MV.

That’s not all. Soojin also displayed beautifully smooth dancing lines to the captivating melody as she flaunted her sexy charisma. In addition, her sexy hand and body movements were enough to make almost any male fan feel swayed.

Check out Soojin’s gorgeous looks, flawless body, and perfect dancing lines in the new (G)I-dle MV below:

Source: Insight