All (G)I-DLE Members Shock Fans With Recent Transformation By Cutting Their Hair Short During Promotions

“I prayed for times like this…”

Just when we thought “Super Lady” promotions couldn’t get any hotter, (G)I-DLE turned up the temperature when they revealed their shockingly short hair earlier today. It caught netizens, fans, non-fans, and everyone you can imagine by surprise, as no one expected it!

The members’ hair before the recent transformation. | Cube Entertainment

The girls’ radical transformation came right before today’s Inkigayo! show after days of promotions and teasers showing off their long, flowing hair.

Minnie’s hair. | @min.nicha/Instagram

The switch to short hair is not merely a change of style, but it seems to be a part of the group’s evolving image and a testament to their unity as they take on the latest promotional cycle.

The members’ hair now. | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

The decision to coordinate their hairstyles is reminiscent of the group’s previous promotions for the single “Nxde,” where they all went blonde, stirring excitement and conversation among their fanbase. Such moves are indicative of (G)I-DLE’s willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of their group’s identity and aesthetic.

The reveal of their short hairstyles has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from their audience. Fans have expressed their love for the change, commenting on how the new look complements the members’ features and adds a fresh and vibrant energy to their overall ensemble.

Some even suggested they should have cut the hair for the comeback teasers, too!

While this is not the first time (G)I-DLE has synchronized their style choices, it is notable how each member’s new hairstyle maintains individuality within the group’s cohesive look. The members also have different hair colors, which adds to their individual flair.

| Cube Entertainment

The group’s bold choice is a reflection of their music — confident, direct, and impactful. As they continue to promote “Super Lady,” it’s clear that their hair isn’t the only thing that’s been cut short — their ability to surprise and captivate is as sharp as ever.

With (G)I-DLE’s latest style evolution, they continue to set themselves apart in the industry. This new look is not just a statement of fashion but a reaffirmation of their artistic growth and unity as a group. As fans eagerly embrace their idols’ new hairstyles, it’s evident that (G)I-DLE’s influence extends beyond music, shaping the very trends that define the genre.