(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Shocks Fans With Her Stunning New Hair Color

She looks like a fairy!

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon always looks ethereal, regardless of her hair color.

Miyeon | @noodle.zip/Instagram
| @noodle.zip/Instagram

But fans were completely surprised when Miyeon suddenly posted photos of herself with light pink hair.

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter
| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Although Miyeon was using an adorable filter in the photos…

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter
| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Miyeon also held a live broadcast to prove that her hair was indeed pink.

Fans were shocked by the unexpected change but love Miyeon’s new look.

Fans are also curious if this means that Miyeon is working on an upcoming project since she dyed her hair so shortly after (G)I-DLE’s comeback with I NEVER DIE and her solo debut MY.

And fans are also realizing that now four of (G)I-DLE’s members have stunned with pink hair.


Now (G)I-DLE fans just need Shuhua to dye her hair pink.