(G)I-DLE Receives Praise For Their Professionalism After Performing In Extreme Rain And Hail At “Music Bank In Chile”

Fans are outraged that the group had to perform in dangerous conditions.

KBS‘s Music Bank announced they would hold their first global concert in three years at the Estadio Monumental David Arellano in Chile. The concert announcement promised a star-studded line-up of NCT DREAMTHE BOYZ(G)I-DLEATEEZTXT, and STAYC, generating excitement for the third return of Music Bank to Chile.

Music Bank was held in Chile in 2018 and once before in 2012, making this year its tenth anniversary.

After School, Super Junior, MBLAQ, CNBLUE, RANIA, and Davichi at “Music Bank In Chile” in 2012

The outdoor arena was filled with thousands of fans eager to see the talented groups of K-Pop’s third- and fourth-generation. Before the full line-up of artists could complete their performances, the show was unfortunately canceled due to extreme weather conditions.

Before the unexpected cancelation due to safety concerns for the artists and fans, THE BOYZ, STAYC, and (G)I-DLE were able to take the stage.

THE BOYZ performing at the “2022 Music Bank in Chile” | @frafractal/Instagram

Videos from the performances by STAYC and THE BOYZ showed intermittent rain that fluctuated between a drizzle and a downpour.

The slick conditions on stage caused STAYC’s Yoon to fall earlier in the night. Yoon showcased her professionalism as she got right back up with a smile and continued the group’s performance of “ASAP.”

By the time (G)I-DLE was set to perform, the rain and thunder had picked up significantly. Fans even reported that it began to hail, making the already dangerous performance conditions even more extreme.

During (G)I-DLE’s performance of their debut song, “LATATA,” the rain had turned into a torrential downpour, and the group was seen cautiously performing, slightly hesitating to move into their next position due to how slippery the stage had become, but not missing a beat.

Despite the extreme weather conditions, the members gave the performance their all, continuing to perform the choreography, even getting on the ground when the dance called for it, all to deliver a strong performance for fans.

Because of the slippery conditions on stage, member Shuhua lost her footing at the end of the song and fell after struggling to stay upright. The members rallied to help her back up and had to assist her off-stage as she struggled to regain her footing.

Fans expressed their frustration at the event organizers for allowing performances to continue in the inclement weather. Concert-goers reported that the audience was shouting for the stage to end out of concern for the artists’ safety.

Fans applauded the group for their extreme show of professionalism, continuing their performance until staff members escorted them off stage after “LATATA.”

[It’s raining] like never before in Santiago and (G)I-DLE was very professional, dancing in between literal puddles of water… how dangerous for the idols. In the end, one of the girls fell on stage.

— @sidolioescierto/Twitter

Singing in a flood… pure professionalism. The rain has passed!

— @Dani_Chav/Twitter

(G)I-DLE is a sensational, complete, talented, and impressive group. They deserve all of the respect and recognition in the world.

— @Kasi_campo/Twitter

(G)I-DLE was the last group to perform, the show was canceled after hopes for a rain delay. Groups NCT DREAM, TXT, and ATEEZ were unable to perform for their safety.

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