(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Chooses The Members That Make Her The Most Uncomfortable, And Her Decision Shocks Everyone

Shuhua will always be a savage queen.

On Street Alcohol Fighter 2, hosted by Super Junior‘s Heechul, (G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua was asked to rank the members from the most to the least uncomfortable person to interact with, and as always, her honesty sent everyone into fits of laughter.

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After a few seconds of thinking, Shuhua ranked Soyeon as the first, leaving everyone in shock and Yuqi backing away from a possible fight.

Heechul had thought he would be number one, and when Soyeon asked why Shuhua thought she was more uncomfortable with Soyeon and not Heechul, Shuhua’s response was a savage truth bomb (although introverts might not be able to relate).

 I don’t know him at all. Someone I don’t know at all, I don’t even need to feel that.

— Shuhua

The reason why she ranked Soyeon as number one, though, is completely wholesome. Soyeon is the only member she strictly uses formal language with, and it’s because she respects and admires Soyeon so much that Shuhua can’t bring herself to speak informally.

To break the barriers between them, Soyeon beckoned Shuhua to speak informally with her while looking into her eyes. Shuhua’s shy reaction afterward is all the proof we need to know that she genuinely adores Soyeon.

The second most difficult person to be around for Shuhua was Yuqi, and again, it took a while for anyone to understand why. After all, Yuqi and Shuhua are super close, and they’re probably the most chaotic and savage duo when they’re together.

Shuhua clarified that Yuqi was only uncomfortable to be around recently, and it’s all because Yuqi keeps teasing her about her hairstyles these days.

Recently when we do our hair, [Yuqi always says] ‘Huh? you look like me.’

— Shuhua

Minnie and Soyeon immediately took Shuhua’s side, and it’s clear that this ranking was karma striking Yuqi back for all her previous teasing.

Miyeon, Minnie, and then Heechul were the 3rd, 4th, and 5th most uncomfortable people to be around, and Shuhua didn’t explain why since it’s not like she was really uncomfortable with them in the first place.

Besides Yuqi, no one’s feelings were hurt by Shuhua’s honesty, and given how Shuhua and Yuqi’s dynamic works, they’ll be back to being the best of friends in no time.


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