(G)I-DLE Might Have Made A Reference To Soojin In “Nxde”, And Fans Are Loving It

(G)I-DLE will always be unafraid to speak their minds.

(G)I-DLE just made a comeback with their latest mini-album, I Love, and the title track, “Nxde,” is sweeping the charts with its powerful message. The song speaks out against the stereotypes and sexualization that reduce women to nothing more than pretty faces.

An ode to Marilyn Monroe, most famously remembered as a sex symbol and for playing “dumb blonde” characters, Soyeon wanted this song to reflect who Marilyn truly was: an intelligent and strong woman who deserves respect and admiration.

There was another connection fans couldn’t miss: Marilyn Monroe was former (G)I-DLE member Soojin‘s role model, and she was loud and proud of it.

On top of that, fans speculate that the animated blonde woman in the music video of “Nxde” is a reference to Soojin herself.

| (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube

With the mole and the big red lips, both of which are signature features of Soojin, it’s impossible not to think that the character is designed to represent her.

And while Marilyn has a mole near her upper lip, the animated character’s mole is right under her left eye, making it even more obvious to fans that the character could very well be Soojin.

“Nxde” is all about embracing the beauty of your inner self and letting it shine regardless of what others say about you, and that message coincides with Soojin’s signature tattoo that says, “Self love is the best love.”

Every member of (G)I-DLE shares the vision of female empowerment, and as their main producer and leader, Soyeon has never shied away from conveying bold truths in their music. While it’s unclear what plans lie ahead for Soojin, what is clear is that the members dearly love and miss her, and they still give homage to her wisdom and vision.

For context, here’s the latest update proving Soojin’s innocence and the full story of the bullying allegations against Soojin that resulted in her removal from (G)I-DLE.


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