(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Breaks Down The Meaning Behind Her Iconic Rap Scene In “Nxde”

It suits the theme of the song perfectly.

(G)I-DLE’s “Nxde” is iconic in many ways, and like always, Soyeon’s rap has everyone talking about her part. Like the lyrical genius she is, Soyeon’s rap while she’s “being auctioned off” in the music video calls out society for objectifying women and reducing them to nothing but pretty faces.


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In the behind-the-scenes video, Soyeon further revealed the messages hidden within the lyrics and the visuals. Soyeon is surrounded by people trying to put a price on her, and it’s symbolic of how people so often try to determine the worth of others. In her rap, Soyeon is rejecting those who try to reduce her and (G)I-DLE to nothing more than capital success, proclaiming her immeasurable value as a living piece of art instead. She isn’t in the spotlight for fame or glory; she’s creating music to send a message and challenge the way society thinks.

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If you observe Soyeon’s outfit, you’ll realize that her dress is also deeply symbolic. While it’s glamorous and beautiful, it’s almost excessively so, removing any focus from the person and instead drawing all attention to the dress. Everyone only sees what’s on the outside and bases beauty on that, while no one cares for the person inside.

Symbolism aside, Soyeon was willing to endure many struggles to depict her message. She was the last to finish filming for both days of the music video, and since this specific look weighed 20 kg, she needed several helping hands just to stand up.

Still, for the sake of the music video, Soyeon bore it all with a smile, cheerfully greeting the extras before turning on the charm for her scene. In a way, she’s perfectly demonstrating how there’s always more to someone than what you see on camera. She may be fierce and unapologetically bold with her music and mindset, but she has a soft heart and infinite love for those closest to her.

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