(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Confirms She’s Making Her Solo Debut

She also revealed when to expect the first teasers, and it’s a lot sooner than you may think 👀

It’s official—(G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi will be the second member of the group to officially debut as a solo artist. The lead dancer revealed all in a new interview.

This week, Yuqi sat down with NetEase Fashion to talk about her upcoming plans for the year—and she surprised everyone by revealing a solo song is in the works. Fans expected Yuqi to be coy when asked if she’d ever consider releasing a solo song, but Yuqi confidently answered, “Yes. Let me give you a little spoiler.”

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I’m about to release a new song! I’m about to release a new song! Yes, yes.

— Yuqi

Yuqi went on to reveal that she’s actually been preparing a solo song for some time now, and she wants everyone to know about it. “I want to let everyone meet a new Yuqi through music,” the starlet shared. Up until now, her only music releases outside of (G)I-DLE have been an OST for a Chinese variety show and the theme song for ZRTG‘s Keep Running, the Chinese version of SBS‘s Running Man.


And the most exciting part is that Yuqi’s solo could be coming a lot sooner than you’d expect. On May 5, a fan met with Yuqi at Beijing Airport to ask for more solo spoilers. At first, her manager stated, “We can’t [tell you] now,”—but then he added, “You’ll find out tomorrow.” With a laugh, Yuqi added, “If you guys wait a while, you’ll know then.”

Back in late March, Yuqi took a flight to Beijing to resume her role as a Keep Running cast member alongside NCT‘s Lucas. In a recent episode of Learn Way, Yuqi’s KakaoTV reality show where she learns from expert mentors, the (G)I-DLE songstress revealed that she’ll be staying in China until August this year, at which point she’ll resume her career in South Korea.

Yuqi on the “Keep Running” set this April.

As such, it seems likely that Yuqi will be singing her solo song in her native language, Mandarin Chinese—though it’s possible she’ll release a Korean or English version of the track too. Of course, that doesn’t mean international fans won’t be able to listen to Yuqi’s new song regardless of language. Eagle-eyed Neverlands spotted that an artist profile has now been created for Yuqi on Spotify under her full name, Song Yuqi.

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This makes Yuqi the second (G)I-DLE member to debut as a soloist. Prior to (G)I-DLE’s formation three years ago, leader Soyeon released two self-written solo songs: “Jelly” and “Idle Song.”