This GIF of Eunwoo Is So Heart-Fluttering, Fans Are Swooning From Behind Their Screens

Cha Eunwoo’s a gentleman, a very handsome one.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, soon to appear on My ID is Gangnam Beauty as the beloved character of Do Kyung Seok, so casually helped actress Im Soo Hyang with a water bottle — yet it has all his fans weak.


Just like the character Do Kyung Seok, who looks all kinds of mean and cold but has a big heart, Cha Eunwoo lent a helping hand with opening the water bottle when his co-star seemed to have trouble with it.


The way Cha Eunwoo makes the whole thing seem no big deal has become quite a big deal for the fans.

  • “Dead. I’m dead. He’s smart, handsome, talented, and sweet.”

  • “God, he could take a sh*t in the jungle and I’ll still fall for him.”

  • “He’s so surreal… like how could this beautiful of a visual be human? He’s gorgeous. He’s tall, he’s proportionate, he’s… perfection. In real life, he is unbelievable. I saw him early on in his career, I thought he was a sculpture. It was like a mannequin that has come to life.”

  • “It’s because he’s good-looking.”

  • “He’s seriously too good to be only an idol… he should go into acting. He would still top most of the actors with this kind of visual.”

  • “Im Soo Hyang must have it hard acting with him… She’s amazing. I wouldn’t be able to look Cha Eunwoo in the eyes for half a second!”


The drama received great attention even before its recent premiere, for the cast being so “in-sync” visually with the cartoon’s characters.

It seems their personalities are in sync too!


Here’s a teaser for My ID is Gangnam Beauty: