Gif showing TWICE Sana’s clumsiness charms fans

Although TWICE‘s Sana is known for being cute and charming, she’s also been known for her clumsiness as well. 

In fact, the JYP Entertainment singer’s lack of elegance was even highlighted in the group’s debut music video “Like OOH-AHH.” And while clumsiness can be seen as a flaw in some people, fans have fallen in love with Sana’s awkward accident, which often show off her dorky charms and bubbly personality.

For example, while the girls were celebrating during a LG Twins baseball game, Sana tried to sit back down in her seat, only to miss her chair and fall down. And while such a clumsy move can be quite embarrassing, she simply laughed it off with fellow member Jungyeon, who also witnessed her fall.

Imgur GIF