Giriboy Reveals Himself To Be A Huge Fan Of EXO’s Kai

Who isn’t a fan of Kai?

Popular rapper and record producer Giriboy recently revealed himself to be a fan of EXO‘s Kai!

| @giriboy91/Instagram

During a recent Instagram live, Giriboy brought up EXO’s Kai and his hit variety show The Devil Wears Jungman 2.

| tvN/Instagram

The Devil Wears Jungman 2 is a fashion realated variety show that often showcases Kai’s great physique as he tries various outfits on.

Giriboy mentioned a specific episode where Kai and the other show’s star Jung Nam shared their workout routine that helps them look stunning in their clothes. Giriboy shared he’s often inspired by Kai’s great build and motivates him to up his workout routine.

Recently I’ve been watching the program that Kai-nim appears on.. what was it? ‘The Jungnam show.’ Every time Kai-nim puts on clothes, whenever I see his body, I thought ‘Wow, I need to become like that too. I have to add another 40 mins cardio.’

— Giriboy

Aside from Kai’s variety show, he’s a total fan of EXO’s music as well! During is Instagram live, Giriboy also shared EXO’s “Don’t Fight The Feeling” is a great and cool song. Giriboy further revealed he often watches Kai on YouTube!

| @weareoneEXO/Twitter


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