Girl Group CooKie To Debut With Average Age Of 13 Years Old

The five-member girl group is dividing opinions.

HR Entertainment’s latest girl group, CooKie, is set to make their debut, but netizens seem to already be divided by the group’s low average age of only 13 years old.

After seeing news of the young members, netizens expressed surprise and concern about their age, with many referring to them as “babies” and sharing that the girls should instead be enjoying childhood with friends.

Others had a more positive outlook, noting that the young members appear to be wearing age-appropriate outfits, while wishing them a successful debut.

The producer of the debut song, which is described as a lively tune with a message of love, has worked with the likes of EXO and Girl’s Day.

Fans can expect refreshing and cute performances from CooKie, who will debut on March 15.

Source: Sports Seoul