Foreign Girl Group Makes History As The First Non-Korean Group To Get A Music Show Win

It was emotional for both the members and fans!

One of the most loved things about K-Pop and music shows is getting wins. Every time a group has a comeback, they can be nominated for a music show, and fans will help to get them a win. It can definitely be emotional for both the idols and fans, creating memorable moments.

In particular, Show Champion has seen some huge first wins for idols, with a lot of emotions.

SEVENTEEN got their first win with “Pretty U” on “Show Champion”
DREAMCATCHER had their emotional first win on “Show Champion” with “Maison”
“Love Me Like This” was NMIXX’s first win and it was on “Show Champion”

Well, one group has made history with their first win, and it’s Japanese group NiziU. Despite debuting in 2020 after being formed through the Nizi Project, the group made their official Korean debut on October 30, 2023.

Japanese girl group NiziU | @NiziU__official/Twitter

On November 8, NiziU made their hot debut on Show Champion and performed their track “HEARTRIS.” As expected from the group, they shined in their performance, and it was even more exciting as they were nominated for first place.


Before the show, it had become a hot topic online as netizens posted that if NiziU won, they would be the first Japanese group with a music show win, with many pointing out they would actually be the first non-Korean group to ever get a win.

NiziU is on track to become the first Japanese group with a Korean music show win?
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While it seemed certain, it didn’t stop emotions from the members and fans when NiziU were announced as first place. It was clear how emotional the members were as they made their speeches and thanked fans from around the world for their support.


They also had their first chance to do the iconic “Encore” stage.

In photos from the press, the members’ feelings were even more obvious.

Even after the show ended, the smiles on the members’ faces were genuine while they posed with the trophy.

| @NiziU__official/Twitter

When the achievement was shared online, including on Reddit, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement and messages of support for the members.

NiziU have earned their first ever music show win for “HEARTRIS” on MBC M Show Champion (231108)
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In the comments, fans shared messages of support and about the fact that not only had NiziU made history, but they had beat some huge Korean groups for the win, including IVE and SEVENTEEN.

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NiziU have gained a huge fanbase in both Korea and globally, so their win was well-deserved and made history in the best way.