Girl Group Hol1day Changes Their Name To A Tech Term, Netizens Find It Hilarious

When tech meets K-Pop.

Girl group Hol1day has changed their name to API, which stands for “Awesome Pretty Idol”.

API announced the change in their official Twitter account.

Our group name has changed from Ho1iday (홀리데이) to API (에이피아이). We will be looking forward to seeing you with various content through API’s Youtube channel! Guys, we’ll try to show a lot of good looks as API in the future! Thank you for always!


While there were some fans who were happy with the change and cheered on the girls, many netizens were reminded of something completely different.

They recognized the golden opportunity that it was to make jokes about the programming term and K-Pop.


API is a 5 member girl group consisting of Cheongeum, Heejoo, Saebyeok, Haru and Dany. They debuted on April 18, 2019 under Brickwork Company.