Stunning Girl Group Member Transforms into Ahri from “League of Legends”

She somehow managed to look both cute and sexy at the same time.

The red carpet event for OGN’s Game Dolympic 2019 recently took place in Seoul, and it was attended by many stars such as Super Junior, NCT, N.Flying, ASTRO, and April.

In particular, Berry Good‘s Johyun attended dressed up as Ahri of League of Legends and attracted an overwhelming amount of attention with how gorgeous she looked.

Ahri is an adorable yet sexy nine-tailed fox character in the popular video game, League of Legends, and Johyun cosplayed it perfectly from the ears all the way down to the huge tail.

On top of that, Johyun managed to get an outfit that looked identical to that of Ahri and made everyone rub their eyes while wondering if they were looking at the actual game.

But aside from the perfect costume, what drew just as much attention was how gorgeous Johyun’s figure looked in the sexy costume.

Not only did Johyun look adorable for showing off her love for the video game, but she also flaunted her sexy side by highlighting her body in all the right places.


Check out some more photos of Johyun as Ahri below:

Source: Insight