One Girl Group Member Promoted Her Dad’s New Convenience Store by Holding a Special Fan Signing

She’s the sweetest and the most supportive daughter.

It was previously revealed that Apink‘s Bomi held a special fan signing in Suwon in order to promote the opening of her father’s new convenience store.

Following the closing of her father’s neighborhood supermarket, he decided to open up a new convenience store, which Bomi naturally wanted to support in her own way.

It’s been reported that a sign announcing Bomi’s fan signing had been put up in the convenience store ahead of time.

On the day of the event, Bomi sat at a desk wearing a beautiful floral dress and chatted with the fans who showed up to receive her autograph.

The way she willingly held her own special event to show her support for her father proved what a loving daughter she really is.

And this wasn’t the first time Bomi helped out her father’s business. Back when her father ran the neighborhood supermarket, she made a late-night visit and held a surprise fan signing there as well.

Watch Bomi making her way out of her recent fan signing below:

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