Girl Group Member In Trouble After Destruction Of Neighbours Property

“The celebrity owns 80% of the share and yet is not showing any intention to resolve the issue.”

A famous girl group member has been receiving strong opposition from neighboring residents for the building she is constructing in Gangnam, Seoul.

The neighbors claim that the building construction has caused cracks and leaks in numerous neighboring residential buildings.


The girl group member, who apparently debuted in 2007, purchased a house with her mother last July for approximately $3.5 million USD.


She began demolishing the old building and constructing the new one last November but due to conflict with neighboring residents, the construction has nearly been suspended.

The construction should have been completed by March 30, 2018, if things went according to plan.


According to a neighbor, the area has a slope of about 35 degrees and therefore, physical impact was used to cut off the bedrock, which has caused damage to the neighboring buildings.

Apparently, the surrounding telephone poles have been tilted and the ground of the residential buildings have sunken and formed cracks. Moreover, the leaks caused by the construction has caused mold to form.


The neighbor claimed that the construction has completely ignored the safety of the surrounding residents.

“No construction until the damage is restored!! Safety inspection BEFORE!! Damage compensation BEFORE!!”

“The construction has completely ignored the safety of the residents. The celebrity owns 80% of the share and yet is not showing any intention to resolve the issue and her mother is avoiding responsibilities as the building owner.” ㅡ Neighbor 


The girl group member’s mother denied accusations that the construction has caused the damage but still offered to compensate for the issues. Unfortunately, the residents declined the offer and the two sides are still trying to find a solution.

“Claims that residential buildings are cracking and leaking due to our construction is false because we used vibrationless works in our construction. The damage was caused by the old age of the building, which was built in the 80’s, and the concrete, which wasn’t cast properly at the time of construction. Even so, we offered to compensate for the issues caused by our construction but the residents declined. We wasted construction labor costs and couldn’t even continue the work. They’re speculating just because of the fact that a celebrity is doing this and it’s very unfortunate.” ㅡ Girl Group Member’s Mother


Meanwhile, reports have been speculating that this girl group member is former KARA member Seungyeon; however, nothing has been confirmed.

Han Seungyeon was reported to have purchased a building in Samsung-dong alongside her mother back in November 2017. She was reported to own 80% and her mother 20%.

Source: MoneyS and Sports Seoul