Girl Group Member Visits Korean Sex Shop, Learns About Various Sex Toys, and Spends Over $400

Warning: NSFW

In one upload on her YouTube channel, Crayon Pop‘s Ellin shows her fans her trip to her neighborhood sex store, where she can be seen learning about various products used during sex.

She stated that she went there to reveal what many people are curious about — what is in a sex shop? She continued on, saying that the current times are not like the old times, where people are no longer embarrassed to go into a sex shop. With the help of the store’s manager to describe what each item in the store is used for, she began her tour.

She revealed that the interior of the shop was not what she was expecting. It was quite pretty and looked almost like a makeup store.

Moving on to the vibrators, Ellin describes one particular vibrator as a “wonderful friend”.

Ellin: These are cute!

Manager: If you press the nose, it will start.

Manager: You can use one side to stimulate your clitoris and the other side inside the vagina.

Ellin: Wow that’s interesting… It looks so cute.

Ellin: But it’s actually a wonderful friend.

One other vibrator caught Ellin’s attention, due to its curious design.

Ellin: What is this one? It looks like a submarine.

Manager: If you press this, the thing spins. And the tip is vibrating.

Manager: So if you put the vibrator into your vagina, the spinning part will stimulate your clitoris.

Ellin: I’m shocked. There’s products like this?

Manager: If you purchase one of those, you won’t need a boyfriend anymore.

Ellin: It’s not for people who will always be solo?

Ellin: Ah, it’s nice… how much is it?

The manager also showed Ellin her personal favorite product, explaining that the head of the vibrator rotates. When Ellin asked if the manager had also purchased one, she confirmed she has one too.

Ellin: Did you buy one?

Manager: Of course I have one. Is there anyone without something like this these days?

Ellin: Ah really? I can buy one too then right?

Manager: Of course, this is the trend these days.

Moving onto the second floor of the shop, Ellin took a look at the various tools used for bondage and SM (sadism and masochism), including chokers, human leashes, and whips.

The manager also introduced her to nipple clamps, and explained they can be used for both men and women these days. She also showed her handcuffs, and explained how they can be used to enhance one’s sex life.

Manager: They’re soft and don’t hurt, but it’s something that can be comfortable and sexy when used.

Ellin: The color looks quite sexy

Manager: The special point of them is that you can do it (sex) like this.

Ellin: Ah don’t!

Manager: You can also take them apart and attach each hand above the bed.

Ellin: Omo, on the bed?

Manager: You can also attach the handcuffs to a choker or leash, or tie them behind your back.

Ellin was also shown an anal plug that can make the wearer seem like a fox, thanks to the tail attached to it.

Nearing the end of the tour, Ellin was taken to the area with tools for men to relieve themselves, thanks to advancements in technology and talent donations from Japanese AV actresses.

Ellin: But something like this… how do men use it?

Manager: You can touch it with your hands to see.

Ellin: Me?

Manager: Sure, since you’re here.

Ellin: True. I’m curious, should I try once? I wanted to touch a butt like this too. It really seems like a human’s butt.

Manager: It’s really soft, right? Silicon these days is really high quality.

Ellin: Are these all for different tastes (fetishes)?

Manager: That’s right, it’s for different ones. There are also people who prefer different AV actresses. There are hentai characters and there are also ones who participated in the creation of their own.

The final set of items she saw were the dildos, and her reaction was one of shock.

Ellin: Is this really a person’s?

Manager: Foreigners are all like this.

Ellin: Foreigners… are like… this? Wow this is shocking. This doesn’t match the Korean sentiments.

Manager: It doesn’t match, because foreigners look for the bigger ones.

Ellin: That’s impressive really, how do they handle that. But I also feel sorry for them.

At the ending screen, Ellin revealed that she spent ₩500,000 KRW ($420 USD) that day at the shop. Many fans have asked her in the comments to upload a new video showing what she purchased from the store that day.

Watch both parts of Ellin’s adventures to the sex shop below: