Mysterious High-Concept Girl Group QODES To Debut Next Month

Another amazing girl group with a unique concept to stan!

A new girl group is on its way, and their ambitious concept is already turning heads! QODES is a group coming from EJ Entertainment with four members named after Greek letters, Alpha, Delta, Nu, and Lambda.

Not too much about the girls is known, however, netizens were able to discover a couple of facts about three of the members. Delta’s real name is Go You Kyung and was a former member of AZM. Lambda’s real name is Jo Han Na and is supposedly a dance teacher. Nu’s real name is Choi Yu Jin and is a part of DGU Girls dance team. Nothing is really known about Alpha yet.

Delta | @__0628k/Instagram
Lambda |
Nu | @_01_yuuuu/Instagram

As for the concept, EJ Entertainment revealed that their concept will be based on RPGs (role-playing games), the members will be the characters and the fans will be the users. Their website describes them as “Mutants of DNA Sequence” and later says “DNA’s sudden mutation”. Perhaps this will mean it is a sort of alien/monster concept.

The website also says “We go crazy in this jungle like there’s no tomorrow!” which could be a hint to their song lyrics.


They will be introducing a “seasonal system”, of which fans are still trying to figure out exactly what it means. TV seasons are typically continuations of the same story with breaks in the middle.

During Season 1 of QODES, we won’t completely change the world as it happens in games or in the mid-season finale of a Korean drama, rather, we want to expand the world view so that the number of fans will increase as the season goes on. The season system will make it possible for fans to listen to new music from new angles.

—EJ Entertainment

Fans have been theorizing several possibilities for what that means. Is it a rotational group (different members each comeback)? Will there be a completely different concept each “season”? Will there be multiple groups like NCT‘s concept?


This lack of information simply makes them even more interesting and has many fans curious about what they will bring. Apparently, they will be focusing on digital promotions and “new media” promotions in both South Korea and abroad.

They are set to debut on February 1!

Source: XSports News and QODES Website