Girl Group Rankings For 2018 According To Official Gaon Charts

Can you guess who ranked No.1 overall?

Gaon Chart has released their 2018 K-Pop Girl Group Review and revealed the top girl groups of the year according to the chart!


The review was created based on the Gaon index and album sales data from the 1st to the 49th week of 2018. For the digital album sales, TWICE ranked No.1 followed by BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, etc.

TWICE achieved extraordinary success this year with “YES or YES”, “Dance the Night Away”, “What is Love?” and more.


TWICE also ranked No.1 for the highest number of comebacks in 2018 with a total of 4 comebacks followed by MAMAMOO, Red Velvet and Lovelyz who each had 3 comebacks. GFRIEND ranked No.5 with 2 comebacks.

The average number of girl group comebacks rose from 2 comebacks per year in 2016 to over 3 comebacks per year since 2017.


In terms of physical album sales, TWICE once again achieved #1 with over 1 million albums sold in 2018.

According to Gaon, TWICE is the first team since the 2015 girl group review that sold over 1 million albums in a year.


As a result, TWICE took #1 on the overall ranking for 2018 after achieving #1 on both the digital and physical album sales ranking for 2 consecutive years since 2017.

The overall rankings were calculated by combining the digital and physical album sales in a 50:50 ratio.


Meanwhile, it is worth noting that BLACKPINK ranked No.3 overall with a single comeback. Goan predicts that the top 3 girl group ranking could change if BLACKPINK makes more than 1 comeback in a year. Moreover, Gaon predicts that IZ*ONE could enter the top 3 in the physical album sales category next year and that they would be able to secure a spot on the top 5 girl group ranking if their digital sales catch up, as they still have over 2 years remaining in their official promotions.


Goan referred back to a prediction that was made in their 2017 Girl Group Review which predicted that “TWICE would occupy the top ranking while Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, GFRIEND and MAMAMOO would be in competition for No.2 in the 2018 girl group market. Moreover, the average number of girl group comebacks is expected to be over 3 times per year.”


Here’s Gaon’s prediction for the girl group market in 2019:

“In the 2019 girl group market, TWICE will probably maintain their position on the top rank, but we cannot help but consider their fall to No.2 depending on the number of BLACKPINK’s comebacks.”

“Based on their strong fandom, IZ*ONE is expected to experience the fastest growth among Korean girl groups next year.”

ㅡ Gaon Chart


Source: Goan Chart