The Alleged Girlfriend Of BTS V’s “Look-Alike” Model Responds To His Dating Rumors With Jennie

“At first, we just tried to laugh it off…”

The alleged girlfriend of BTS V‘s look-alike model Taek has come forward to respond to allegations that it was him in the picture with Jennie.

The alleged girlfriend, on May 27, responded to a post on an online community titled, “The Gentle Monster model that looks like V and filmed in Jeju.”

The post alleged that the man in the infamous picture with Jennie was a model named Taek, and that he had worked as a Gentle Monster model. Taek has previously denied these allegations.

The alleged girlfriend of Taek, in her response, denied that he was the man in the picture with Jennie and that he had never worked for Gentle Monster. She also asked for netizens to respect their privacy and for this post to be deleted as they are not celebrities but ordinary citizens.

Alleged girlfriends response | Nate Pann

Hello, I am the girlfriend of the man in this post 🙂 At first, we just tried to laugh it off, but I am writing this due to the issue becoming so big! My boyfriend has never worked as a model for Gentle Monster and is currently only dating me. Please do not misunderstand and since we are ordinary citizens, please take this post down.

—Girlfriend of Taek

A direct message from the model’s girlfriend denying the rumors has since also gone viral.   

Hello 🙂 My head hurts as the more I explain, the more rumors there seem to be ^^; The two in the picture are not us. We went to Jeju in April ㅜ.ㅜ We just simply posted the pictures we took then, recently,, Now they are saying my boyfriend is cheating on me with Jennie, and I don’t know what to say lol.

—Taek’s Girlfriend

The comment and DM has since gone viral. Netizens who saw this commented, “This is a witch hunt,” and that “Their privacy is not protected.”

Source: Theqoo and Wikitree